Our Partners

Thank you so much to all the individuals who have helped out Racecourse School along the way, in particular the contributions of money, time and support from the individuals at St. Paul’s United Church, Sunnybrook United Church and St. Andrew’s United Church have been invaluable.

Our Current Partner Organizations

  • The Livia Stoyke Foundation

Administrative Support

  • St. Paul’s United Church
  • St. Andrew’s United Church
  • Sunnybrook United Church

Pledged Donors

  • Boyde Family
  • Collins-McCann Family

Past donors

A big thank you to all the people and organisations who have been donors in the past. Past donors include:

  • Grant MacEwan Global Education Fund
  • EnCana Cares Foundation and employees of
  • Students, staff and parents from William Aberhart High School
  • Members from Sunnybrook United Church
  • Members from St. Walbhurg high School, Saskatchewan
  • Members from Chalmers-Castle Downs United Church
  • St. David’s United Church Men’s Club
  • Students, staff and parents of Rutherford Elementary School
  • Students, staff and parents of Lashburn High School
  • Mebrat’s cafe
  • Malmo Community League

If you would like to help out Racecourse Community School, please download our Donation Form for more information.

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