Out of a belief in equality and justice for all, The Racecourse Community School Fundraising Initiative is working to enable the leaders of the Race-course Community to achieve their goals. Our hope is to empower the school to be a source of positive change for the community as a whole. We are working towards this goal through partnership

We direct the funds according to the board’s priorities

As a result of these efforts of our fundraisers of partner organizations, $23 000 CAD is donated to the RCS on an annual basis in two instalments of $11 500 CAD each. These funds are directed towards operating expenses. Additional funds are donated for specific time-limited projects when funds allow.

The RFI sends directions regarding the expenditure of the funds to the RCS Board taking into consideration the funding priorities that the RCS Board has communicated to the RFI.

Funds for the operational expenses of the school are typically directed to things
such as:

  • teacher allowances/training
  • student requisites (i.e. pencils/paper)
  • office supplies
  • desks and chalk boards
  • school maintenance
  • costs associated with water and land
  • sponsorship of graduates as they carry on in government schools.

You can support the Racecourse Community School in the above goals with your donation to the Racecourse Community School Fundraising Innitiative.

Now you can donate online!

Click the donate button below to donate through the St. Paul’s United Church PayPal account. Fill in the amount and your information then click continue. On the conformation page there is a spot to indicate the purpose of your donation, indicate “Racecourse School” here before continuing. See more detailed instructions here

Or download our Donation Form for more information.

For more information please see the about page

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