The connection with our partner, the Racecourse Community School in Zambia continues to deepen. The School Board and the St. Paul’s United Church Board have now signed a Letter of Understanding which formally lays out the responsibilities of both parties in this partnership. We are excited to have formalized our relationship in such a manner and if you are interested in having a look at the letter please send me an e-mail and I will forward it along ([email protected]).

Here is a brief update on our partnership this year:

· The Livia Stoyke Foundation has once again renewed their commitment to the school by contributing $5000 through us for 2011 to Grade 9-12 sponsorship! (www.livia.ca)
· The wonderful finance volunteers at St. Paul’s United Church are to be thanked for taking the initiative of sending out thank you cards to all of our donors who are not members of St. Paul’s.
· This fall, my cousin Noah Wishart requested donations to the Racecourse School for his Bar Mitzvah and raised over $700. Also, this summer, St. Paul’s Lorene Turner hosted a tea in support of the Racecourse School and this event raised approximately $900! Many thanks to Lorene and Noah for showing such leadership.
· We now have two families who have made multi-year donation commitments. This type of commitment allows us to plan for the future and ensure that we can meet the commitments we make to the school. If you are interested in making a pledge for 2012 or for multiple years please let me know ([email protected]).
· Our 8th annual Fundraising Dinner/Silent Auction was a great success. We once again had approximately 100 people and raised well over $4000. Thanks to all who attended, who donated items for the auction, who bid on items at the auction, and who helped out with the event!
· We have now made our second transfer of funds in 2011 for a total of $23,000 contributed to the operating expenses at the school. The funds which we transferred went towards teacher’s allowances, school user fees for graduates of the school, school requisites for current students, staff development and compassionate assistance for staff.
· We have approximately $18,500 fundraised for next year. We have a ways to go to meet our goal of $23,000 for 2012.

We have now transferred over $50,000 CAD for the new school block (separate from our commitment to operational expenses). The block is housing grade 8 students who are being educated at the school for the first time now that the space allows for them. Once we have confirmation that the work has been completed to standard, we will transfer the remaining 10% to the contractor. The funds for the classroom construction were primarily donated by a family in Calgary and the desks for the classrooms were purchased with money from the operational funds that we transferred. We plan to transfer additional funds for the painting of the new school building, once we have received a quote for the cost of the work.

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